ScribblerToo (2010)

This is a remix of Ze Frank’s “TheScribbler” (2004). In 2010 I wrote this little tool on a Friday afternoon as a personal challenge to see how fluid I could make the painting process with the technical possibilities of the time. Astonishingly ScribblerToo has found a […]

Sketchmaker (2007-)

Sketchmaker is a project I started in 2007 but still continue to improve and change. It is trying to answer the question if a computer can autonomously create images that “look like art”. It tries to achive that by using an evolutionary process that gradually evolves […]

StackBlur (2004-)

In 2004 I required a fast but still good looking image blur and did not find any existing solutions that fit both requirements. Either they were classical Gaussian blurs that resulted in perfectly smooth blurs at the price of slow processing time or they were […]