My Artificial Muse


The first Mural/Fresco Painting designed by an Artificial Neural Network has been created, during a 3-day performance, at Sónar+D 2017 in Barcelona.

Can a Muse be “artificial”? Do they need to be “physical”? Can a computer-generated Muse be as inspirational as a human-like one? By destroying the classic concept of a Muse, are we creating something better? Imagine the most simplified and abstract version of a Muse: a stick figure. Now give this “Artificial Muse” (in a specific or random posture) to a learning machine. Is this machine creative enough to produce a painting from such a simple input? Yes, indeed. An Artificial Neural Network designed in a collaboration between me and Albert Barqué-Duran uses what I call a “pose-to-image approach” to produce its own amazing artwork.