The Order of Things (2015)


“Ordnung muss sein” or “There must be order” is a much hated sentence German kids must hear often whilst growing up. Which is why many have a rather negative connotation when hearing that word – at least “order” is typically considered to be a pretty boring topic.

Over the past years I’ve become more and more fascinated with order in its many facets and tried to approach it from a programmer’s and an artist’s view. As I learned, order is at the core of everything that’s interesting to humans and beauty lies at the sweet spots between order and chaos.

In this session I will talk about order in its many forms, give some insights how it can be achieved and measured and show examples how it can be put to good use, be it in art, data analysis or machine learning.

June 2nd, 2015, Eyeo Festival, Minneapolis, USA

Paper art for slides by Alexandra Lukaschewitz