See all the NFTs that have been minted so far on the AGNCY:01 Collection page.

AGNCY:01 is a generative operating system in which agents, each consisting of a random sequence of opcodes, are operating within the same virtual memory space. The operating system and opcodes are designed to be resilient, forgiving and Turing-complete, meaning that there are no illegal instructions and the agents’ codes cannot crash or halt. Once a system has been created by seeding the memory space and adding the agents the entire process is fully deterministic, there are no random number generators used inside the agents’ code. Nevertheless due to the complex interaction of the agents the behaviour of each system appears unpredictable and surprising.

To start your minting session, open your Tezos wallet and find the “receive” button. This will usually display your wallet address in form of a QR code. Point that code at the camera and the session should start.

You have up to 3 minutes to explore color schemes, observe the behavior of your random agents or reseed the memory space. Once you are happy with your system, press and hold the red “mint” button for 5 seconds. This will save the current state of your system, mint it as a dynamic Javascript NFT and send it to your wallet for free.

Note: the QRcode needs to be black on white (not white on black) so if it doesn’t recognize your code, try turning off night-mode.

If you do not have your wallet on your mobile, but do know your Tezos address (the one that goes tzAbC123….) you can also quickly generate a QR code by using this site: (select “Text”, paste your text address in, scroll down to the bottom of the page where it shows the code)

If you do not have a Tezos wallet yet you can create one very easily.

The quickest way is to go to and logging in with one of your social media accounts – and no worries, you will not receive any spam afterwards, i have been using it myself for 2 years.

Or follow the instructions below:

How to get a Tezos wallet on your mobile quickly