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Freeda Beast – Bringing Things to an End

A music video clip for Freeda Beast created using various neural networks. The faces are generated using a pix2pix GAN from biometric face markers. The markers are directly controlled by the music itself as well as the cuts and effects. The various styles of the […]

My Artificial Muse

The first Mural/Fresco Painting designed by an Artificial Neural Network has been created, during a 3-day performance, at Sónar+D 2017 in Barcelona. Can a Muse be “artificial”? Do they need to be “physical”? Can a computer-generated Muse be as inspirational as a human-like one? By destroying the […]

Alternative Face

In Alternative Face I trained a generative adversarial network (a pix2pix GAN) to generate the face of French singer Françoise Hardy from a set of biometric face markers using several of her music video clips as the training data. The trained model then allows me to control […]

X Degrees of Separation (2016)

“X Degrees of Separation” is an installation and online experiment I was commissioned by Google Arts & Culture. It finds visual connections between cultural artifacts. It has been shown at Ars Electronica Festival 2017 in Linz.

Ernst (2015)

  Ernst (2015) is assembling elements found in public domain image collections to create surreal collages in the sprit of Max Ernst. Ernst on flickr

Porsche Black Edition (2015)

I was commissioned by Porsche to artistically interpret their Black Edition model. The theme I was given was the color black. In my interpretation I focus on the beautiful reflections that the elegant curves of the car create and wrote a live rendered particle engine […]

British Library Labs (2015)

Since the end of 2014 I’ve been involved with classifying the 1 million image collection that the British Library Labs have put in the public domain. After using machine learning techniques to add meaningful tags to the images, I am creating arrangements and artworks with the […]

ScribblerToo (2010)

This is a remix of Ze Frank’s “TheScribbler” (2004). In 2010 I wrote this little tool on a Friday afternoon as a personal challenge to see how fluid I could make the painting process with the technical possibilities of the time. Astonishingly ScribblerToo has found a […]